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Services and Rates


                         All massages include lavender aromatherapy (a $10 Value)


                                                     Therapeutic Massages

  • Swedish -This classic European style full body massage releases tension in the joints & tissues, stretches & lengthens muscles, improves circulation, and assists in total relaxation. 60, 90 min. $80, $119
  • Hot Stone Massage -Deep tissue massage combined with oils & hot stones to create a relaxing therapeutic treatment or for deep muscle pain relief. 60, 90 min. $90, $129
  • Sports Massage - Designed to release tension and increase flexibility in muscles used for a particular activity. 30, 60 min. $45, $80
  • Pregnancy Massage -The expectant and new mother has an increased need for soothing & gentle massage techniques. 60 min.  $80
  • Upper Body Basics - "Perfect for burnout", total relaxation & stress relief; massage focusing on scalp, neck, shoulder, and back. 30 min. $40
  • Wrap Massage - 1 hour slenderizing, detoxification massage.  The Ultimate Body applicator wraps target area before the massage eliminating toxins and shrinking fat cells.  Reduced appearance of cellulite and skin slackening with firmer, toned skin. 60 min. $80 + $30 (wrap)
  • Facial Massage - 1 hour hydration mask, facial uplifting & sculpting massage with relaxing and lymphatic stroke and acupressure. Includes full body massage while mask is on the face. $80 + $30 (Mask)

                                                       Medical Massages  

  • (NMT) Neuromuscular Therapy -  Deep tissue massage using cross fiber friction or acupressure off the origins, insertions & bellies of the muscles. It is sometimes called trigger point therapy and it is used to relieve pain patterns. It complements chiropractic and orthopedic treatments. 60 min. $85
  • Myofascial Release  -  A deep tissue technique working with fascia (connective tissue coverings) as a means of pain relief, restoring function and reducing pain patterns & referrals.(Dr.Travell)  60 min. $85
  • Medical Massage  -  A custom designed massage used to treat chronic illnesses and injuries with a goal of pain relief and restored function. 30, 60 min. $45, $85
  • Lymphatic Drainage - A light touch massage in a one way direction designed to remove excess fluid by stimulating the lymph vessels to dilate, directing lymph toward drainage areas & opening new channels in nearby healthy tissue.  30, 60 min  $40, $85
  • Reflexology - The reflex points in the feet affect energy flow throughout the body. The therapist works these points to stimulate the flow and allow the entire body to relax and rejuvenate.  30 min. $45

 Massage Series 

  • 60 min. Swedish  3 for $220
  • 60 min. Sports Massage 3 for $235
  • 60 min. Hot Stone Massage 3 for $249
Stop in the office to purchase Massage Series. Full payment collected at time of purchase or first appointment.


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